Vyanne Zink, LMT

Massage Therapy is my second career. After years in the marketing/direct mail industry I decided to make a change. I went back to school and in 2013 I graduated from the Omaha School of Massage and Healthcare. Massage Therapy is so much more than I expected it would be! More than a relaxing hour or two of being pampered, Massage Therapy can relieve stress and pain, increase circulation, improve mobility and range of motion, help prevent injuries and help recover from injuries and surgeries. It is for anyone at any stage of life or activity level.

Every massage is as different as every client. I incorporate different modalities - Swedish, Trigger Point, Deep Tissue, etc., into each massage depending upon the needs and wants of each individual client. Sometimes a relaxing, soothing massage with some aromatherapy is what you need to take away built up stress and anxiety. The next time, you might need a more targeted session to work out stiffness in your neck or shoulders. Every massage is tailored specifically to you.